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Individual Counseling

Together we will address your individual


  • optimal nutrition and lifestyle management

  • weight management

  • eating disorder treatment

  • sports and performance nutrition

  • chronic disease prevention, management and treatment

A trusted and respected source for credible nutrition information, Mary Jo Parker will provide you with the information necessary to build a solid foundation of knowledge and the tools you will need to implement change.


"Having a good understanding of your nutritional needs and how your body responds is important, but knowledge alone is not enough. It's the application of knowledge that is most challenging."



  • Sessions begin with a comprehensive assessment that includes a thorough review of your health status, needs, and objectives.


  • A personalized treatment plan is developed based on your health conditions, lifestyle, habits and food preferences.


  • Each plan is a realistic approach to behavior change, tailored for flexibility and choice.


  • Using behavioral and interpersonal counseling techniques, Mary Jo will partner with you to help you implement sound nutrition knowledge and create meaningful change to achieve your goals.



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