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Group Counseling & Programs 

Mary Jo enjoys interacting in a group format to facilitate learning, peer support, and your personal growth. Groups offer a safe environment in which to share common experiences and enhance acceptance of yourself and others while working towards your goals.


"Groups offer a unique opportunity to interact with others who share your concerns and objectives in a safe and respectful way."


Mary Jo creates a supportive group atmosphere conducive to your individual progress.


Group programs include topics such as:


  • general nutrition and lifestyle management

  • weight management

  • chronic disease prevention, management and treatment

  • sports and performance nutrition

  • smart shopping and cooking techniques

  • special interest topics

Group Counseling Programs


Balancing ACT

Acceptance and Committment Therapy Group

This adult group provides strategies to manage thoughts and feelings, enhance mindfulness, and promote movement toward life enrichment.


Eat Right & Move

Pediatric weight management program for children and adults

This family approach enhances self-compassion and health communication while supporting lifestyle balance and long-term weight normalization.


Eating Disorders

Psychoeducational and support groups

This behavorial approach emphasizes motivational assessment, interventions and coping strategies for normalization of weight and eating behaviors.



Please contact the office for more information about group scheduling.

Custom Designed Educational Programs


Single Lectures and Workshops

Each session will address topics of special interest to community groups and small businesses. A wide variety of topics can be addressed and range from general interests (such as optimal nutrition for health and longevity or eating healthy with a hectic lifestyle) to more specific topics (such as prevention and treatment of a chronic disease or feeding a picky eater).


Series of Sessions and Workshops

Each series will provide small groups with more in-depth education, counseling, and skill-building strategies to aid in implementing behvior change.



Group counseling and educational programs are conducted at the office or on-site, depending upon your group needs.

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