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Corporate Consulting

Mary Jo blends real world experience with nutrition expertise to tailor programs to meet the specific needs of your organization. Her enthusiasm and inviting communication style can motivate people into action.


She will work closely with staff to assess your needs and objectives, design programs to meet your needs, and evaluate outcomes and success.


"I respect companies who care about the well-being of their employees. Working with corporate partners to help them support improved health within their organization is invigorating."



Corporate programs can meet your
specific organizational needs:


  • general nutrition and lifestyle management

  • weight management

  • maintaining a healthy workplace

  • wellness management

  • chronic disease prevention, management and treatment

Custom Designed Programs
to Meet Your Workforce Needs



Single Lectures, Workshops & In-Services

Each session will address topics of interest that relate to your corporate objectives.


Series of Lectures, Workshops & Group Counseling Programs

Each series provides in-depth education, counseling and skill-building techniques to support the ongoing implementation of knowledge gained.


Publication for Staff Education and In-Services

Written material will provide up to date and accurate nutrition information to support a healthy and more informed workforce.


Wellness Policy Programming

Materials are written and designed to meet your specific organizational needs.


Menu Consultation

Menu consultation services will assess or design healthy balanced menus for target populations such as schools, food service companies and corporate or community organizations.





Please contact the office with your corporate consulting request or questions about custom programs for your organization.





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